Chandigarh Chapter of Save Indian Family. Helping Men In Distress, To Fight Against False Cases

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To help the victims in distress facing 498A,DV,HMA 24,CRPC 125,376,377 and to help them live their lives with basic human touch & rights, Save Indian Family Chandigarh

Fake Cases

Govt enacted 49 laws for safeguard of women.But there misuse by ablanari, as she takes undue advantage and there by misuse is on the rise as no punishment provision is there for false case filer.And it is where legal terrorism comes in picture.

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Anti Male Laws

498A, DV Act, CRPC 125, IPC 376, IPC 377 etc. Just to name few of 49 laws.These anti women laws dont cosider husband mother and sister and women.For them only matters is Bahu

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Men Helpline

With Men at recieving end, no support comes from govt to help men. So MRA(men right activist) has joined hands to help the victims free of cost in a gender neutral manner.

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SIF Chandigarh

Together we can make a difference, and help our society and legal system become gender neutral for our future generation